Interview the reclusive "Animal Man" to hear him recount how he was combined with 1000 different animals
CC0 (Free) SFX pack of Goofy Sounds for Scary Monsters
The cast from the hit show 'Seinfeld' duke it out with a mad Warlock's scribbles and themselves.
Escape Costco! ...After You're Done Shopping
Three bozos need to escape the spirit realm in time to prevent their store from being closed
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Take down foes in randomly-generated dungeon levels as you adventure to bring back your show!
As a UCH certified promotion reviewer, send your applicants to where they belong!
A man in a monkey suit sleep-walked into the monkey exhibit last night...
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You are a shark trying the fine dinner selections featuring fresh humans at Shark Beach for a few days.
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A Unity game made by a team of 4 Computer Science students
Help the detective survive the train and take down the super evil crime boss!
A Pictionary clone that was designed for a touch screen laptop.
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A Unity Project Demo for creating a dungeon with randomized elements. A prototype for something in the future.
Role Playing
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