A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Help the detective survive the train and take down the super evil crime boss!

Game Jam Notes:

Submitted for the Spooky "Revival" Game Jam hosted by Society of Play & the Revival Jam by dev_dwarf. This game was not truly finished when submitted for class, but has been "brought back to life" for the jam (and my cousins who love this game).  The additions that were made in this jam:

  • Visual updates to the beginning to ease navigation.
  • "Real Actual Guards" that go on patrol.
    • Guards can see the player wherever they are in a room as long as they are not in hiding.
  • Revisions to in-game conversations to better explain the story.
  • "Real Actual Puzzles" that block the player's progress in the "Puzzle Train." This includes fixing puzzles that didn't make it into the project submission as well as adding new puzzles.
  • Sounds.
  • Visuals for the amount of evidence gathered.
  • Ending screens.
  • Controls and Credits sections.
  • A proper "Hide in the train car before you get found by the inspecting guards" scene.
  • A proper encounter with the "boss."

Continuation of the project stayed in Unity 2019.2.2f1 and was continued by myself only.

Game Notes:

A Unity game that was made by a team of 3 Computer Science students at UTD for CS4332 Introduction to Video Game Programming in the Fall 2019 semester. 

There is a controls area accessible from the main menu.


  • All cheat codes are started by pressing the Left Shift Key then typing in the 10 alphanumeric digit code.
  • There is known bug in the building where the player may spawn in an different place in a building section when changing sections/areas.
  • The "Puzzle Train - Pre Jam" version is the original version submitted for the class excluding for the addition of the cheat code system.

We were not artists. Also this was our first "real" Unity game. 

Made in Unity 2019.2.2f1


Puzzle Train.zip 260 MB
Puzzle Train.zip 261 MB
Soundtrack.zip 1 MB
Puzzle Train - Pre Jam.zip 260 MB

Install instructions

Download and unzip. Run the executable.

Development log


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Pretty good game. It have puzzle, logic solve problem, stealth and collecting item. I love the sound in game.

Thank you very much! I made all the sounds myself vocally.


This game is pretty fun and has good gameplay variety. It's pretty ambitious for a beginner Unity project as well. The main problems with this game are poor visual design and some unclear direction, but with those improved this would be an effective, short adventure game.