Submission Info:
Submission to the Society of Play Trick or Treat Jam.

Modifiers Used:

  • Marshmallow ghosts - Nothing scary. There are health bars, but it is only because there is food that isn't healthy.
  • Be home by sunset - Need to escape before time runs out.
  • Costume party - Main characters were at a costume party.

Three bozos need to escape the spirit realm in time to prevent their store from being closed and rented to a Halloween costume store.

They need to give candy offerings (that they find on their way) to spirits that'll help open the way home. They need to get home before time runs out before their store gets sold/canceled.


Based off of 4 given cards, choose 1 (using up, down, left, or right arrows) to receive benefits and hindrances based on the type

Card Types:

Candy Cards:

  • Give a random amount of candy that is primarily what is shown on the card (can include small amounts of the other candies)
  • 0-3 of the characters may lose some 'health'

Health Cards:

  • Give health to all of the characters
  • May lose some candy

Collect the required amounts of candy for each spirit using your card choices. Appease all spirits in time to escape while keeping the characters alive.


Public Assets/Plugins used:

  • Unity 2020.2.0f1
  • TextMesh Pro
  • LeanTween


Download 37 MB
Download 37 MB
Download 46 MB

Install instructions

Play in browser or download and unzip.

Arcade Version is built for the SOP Arcade Cabinet.

Downloaded versions will have the best visual quality.

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