You have been given the unique opportunity to be the first and only person to interview the reclusive "Animal Man!" You will get to hear him recount how he was combined with 1000 different animals.

There are 2 ending categories

Submitted for the (Dallas) Society of Play Revival Jam 2 (2022).
Worked within a duration of 5-ish hours on the last day of the jam.
This was brought to life from an idea I had and wrote down on August 1st, 2022
10/27 EDIT: Fixed the beginning choices to have their * signifiers.
11/2 EDIT: Fixed last grammar/spelling issues and made it clear who is talking.

Also submitted for the Interactive Fiction Club Jam #2

Tools used: Ink & Inky editor


Writing - Christopher Hahn


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I loved this!





You completed a version of "The Scaredy Cat" ending...


Very cool! I got the “brave” ending. :) Not sure if I’m brave enough to go back and try for the other endings… … goes back again


You survived the terror of The Animal Man!