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Submission Info

Submission for Society of Play's Pompous Trash Jam of 2021. The focus of the jam is to make a game based off the theme "Pompous Trash" in any way you want.

Modifiers Used (that I tried for, any else are interpreted):

  • Lost & Found: Some sounds used from https://www.zapsplat.com/
  • Snap Crackle Pop: Enjoying the sounds made by the rejects and acceptes
  • Scrubs Only: Buttons that look like keyboard used buttons that have to be clicked instead

Game Info

As a UCH certified promotion reviewer, send your applicants to where they belong!

Lately, High-Up Executives have been getting knocked out by some weirdo with a cape, PCV pipe, and a "paper-like" bag over his head . Being the one and only certified promotion reviewer of the Showzania chapter you are tasked with bolstering the number of available combat trained executives. 

The Upper Class Hobosare very selective of who they are willing to promote. Requirements (some are optional):

  1. Survive the trial of the Junkyard (Mandatory)
    1. Applicants may get dirty in the process.
  2. Most likely morally-bankrupt
  3. Received questionable awards and nominations
  4. Took part in activities that could help business
  5. And most of all, no chance of becoming a vigilante (Mandatory)

Just because someone doesn't have all the requirements, doesn't mean they don't get some kind of promotion. Give applicants a level of promotion based on their score. To properly score:

  1. Start with the number 1
  2. For each Q & A, determine if the response with the question match the criteria above.
  3. If a response doesn't match, add one to your number.
  4. If the person may be a future vigilante, add ten.
  5. Use the smaller of the number you get at the end, or the number 4
  6. Press the button with the number you end with.

You will get the highest amount of points if you choose the correct promotion. You will lose points if you give someone the highest promotion that doesn't deserve it. You will also lose points if you don't give someone the highest promotion if they do deserve it. You will get partial points if you give someone a different promotion below 1 if their deserved promotion is also below the number 1.

Remember, you don't have all day. Get the highest amount of points within the allotted time. Time will move while you are looking over applications. Call applicants over with the "W" or "Walk" Option.

We like doing things the way we do. We don't want people in high positions thinking there is a better way to do what we do.

Be Aware

This game is solely meant for entertainment purposes. Some of the content within belongs only in fiction and shouldn't be recreated in real life.

Any and all references to things in real life are purely coincidence.


  1. Christopher Hahn



PlatformsWindows, macOS
Made withUnity
Average sessionA few minutes


Windows.zip 63 MB
Mac.app.zip 72 MB

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